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How might being trapped underground affect group of Thai boys’ health? In order to understand the tradition of Muay Thai, it is highlight football thai to look at some of the legends who have come before. While most people know the living legends like Saenchai, there are a number of fighters who have paved the way for the new generation of fighters today. If you guys don’t have time to look up the history of Muay Thai and some of the legends of the sport, no worries, I’ll give you your cheat sheet.

The next time a hardcore Muay Thai fan asks you to name your favorite fighter, you’ll be prepared to give him an educated answer. Here is a list of the Top 10 Muay Thai fighters of all time from the past to present. These are fighters that everyone who loves the sport of Muay Thai should know. Before Buakaw made Por Pramuk gym famous internationally, Namsaknoi was the original star of the gym. He has one multiple titles throughout his fighting career including fighter of the year awar from sports writers association and sports authority of Thailand. He had an undefeated run in Lumpinee where he could not be beat. Namsaknoi has one of the best muay thai records ever.

His professional record consists of 285 wins and only 15 losses. This is a feat that is extremely impressive because of the level of competition the fighters faced. Many consider him to be one of the most well rounded fighters in the sport, being good at all the different weapons of Muay Thai. Pud had 150 fights where he had 135 wins and only 15 losses. He was a fighter that liked to move forward in his fights and also used technique to beat his opponents. Golden Leg’ by fans of the sport.

When he retired from Muay Thai he eventually became a trainer in Paris where he stayed for 23 years from 1980 to 2003. Pu Pad Noy Warawoot is a legendary Thai boxer that has made a name for himself as one of the all time greats of the sport. He said he was a very tough fight because he was sick leading up to it, but he still won. Namkabuan is a fighter who has the power and technique to make him one of the greatest Muay Thai champions. He is a thinking fighter that used his ring tactics to win his fights.

In all of his fights he only KO’ed 2 of his opponents. His favorite technique was to grab the leg of an opponent and put them off balance. Namkabuan fought in the golden era of Thai boxing against some of the other greats in the sport. He held his Lumpinee title belt for 6 years which until he never had any challengers for the belt. He ended up vacating the belt and going on to win a world Champion belt that he kept for several years. His record in the ring was 283 fights and only 15 losses and 2 draws.

He beat all the best champions of his generation and is someone that stands out as one of the best ever. Namkabuan’s brother Namphon is another Lumpinee champion that was one of the legends during the golden era of Muay Thai. He wan numerous titles in Thailand including the prestigious Lumpinee and Ratchadamnern titles. He fought approximately 250 times and had over 200 wins in his career. Given the fact that Kaensak was fighting in the golden era of Muay Thai, he is definitely someone that belongs on this list of top fighters. Kaensak stated in a recent interview that he believed Ramon Dekkers was the best foreigner to ever fight in Thailand.

Tongchai’s career has been extremely impressive to say the least. He has captured a number of different titles including 2 WMC titles, Mitsubishi Tournment Champ, 5 Lumpinee Titles, Ratchadamnern title, Sportswriters boxer of the year and a two time Sports Authority boxer of the year. In 2008 Tongchai was busted for selling drugs by the Thai police. He is a great example of fighters who have had successful careers in Muay Thai, but never learn how to properly handle their finances and are always fighting to keep earning money. Tongchai stated that the decline in prize money caused him to look for other ways to make money.